What’s Your Return on Life?

Posted by in Travel | October 10, 2013

I excel in travel planning for solo and groups of like-minded travelers (book clubs, religious groups, trade & professional association members, doctors, lawyers and candlestick makers!).

BWCI-winecountry-bikingTraveling in the company of like-minded companions, you’ll enjoy engaging activities—from biking and hiking to wine-tasting, community service activities, savoring gourmet meals and even camel-riding. Elementary School in Thanlyin, Burma (Myanmar)

Active travel is the difference between looking at life and living it. Stand in awe on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon after a 20-mile bike ride. Breathe in the scent of rosemary as you hike to a Tuscan hill town. Join in the laughter of children as you share books, pencils and candy in their one room school house whether it be in Cuba or Burma. Rather than experiencing the world as if it were simply a museum with everything cased behind glass, I invite you to experience the world with all of your senses. Get ready for a total unforgettable experience.ACUQ-cuba-insider-4

WayneTraveler clients want to be with fun people, spend more time living and less time planning, and that a selection of superb dates and destinations is key.  My Virtuoso connections and McCabe World Travel networks present WayneTraveler clients with a great return on life. Let’s talk!

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